“WELL ALRIGHT” The Rolling Stones

The Music that’s still going

“WELL ALRIGHT”  Rolling Stones Tribute is the band that was selected to play the opening TOUR NEXT DOOR from Met Life stadium at American Dream for the Rolling Stones pre show extravaganza. Also Facebook algorithm took down the bands FB origional page with thousands of followers because they thought it was a playing the  ROLLING STONES track while performing, which was not true, it was actually a live performance recorded on an iPhone. Mick Jagger has given the band several thumbs up on Facebook video and posts. “WELL ALRIGHT” performs the hits from the Rolling Stones extensive catalog with the feel, energy and musical detail, providing fans with a great Stones experience. The band is comprised of professional musicians from the east coast from Connecticut, NY, NJ, and  Pennsylvania, that enjoy paying tribute to the Stones with a musically authentic and the most exciting show. WELL ALRIGHT’s singer captures the energy of  Mick, that will be non stop while also delivering the ballads with poise and conviction.  The band members are all true Stones fans and style in Stones fashion. If you’re a fan of the sounds from the origional recordings then you should definitely check out “WELL ALRIGHT” because the band delivers the classic sounds from the original recordings. The extensive Stones catalogue allows the band to vary the songs every night, so no two shows are ever the same, but of course you will hear several Stones ballads along with Satisfaction, Under My Thumb, Miss You, & Beast of Burden while the rest of the show will always be changing, making this a show that you can see over and over. So put on your dancing shoes, you won’t be disappointed. Please like us on Facebook and YouTube. 


“WELL ALRIGHT” Rolling Stones Tribute 

“WELL ALRIGHT” Rolling Stones Tribute

Retrospective Tribute to The Rolling Stones

Seven musicians paying tribute to the many hits of The Rolling Stones